Assignment 5

Assignment 5

The Festival

I tried to see the festival as the subject. My aim was to attempt to use techniques attempted in earlier exercises to look at the festival through the passage of time. Although a river festival I didn’t want obvious boat shots, but instead to try and work around the periphery.

In shots no.1 and no.2 I looked at trying to demonstrate arrival at the venue, capturing movement and the passage of time.

Shots 3, 4 and 5 I thought of the work of Martin Parr trying to demonstrate Britishness. Typical British queueing and the recent trend for women as well as men to demonstrate their individual nature. Whilst individual they are also part of a crowd and of a bigger event.

Picture 6 I have tried to make the switch to night time and the desire for food and entertainment.

Picture 7, my favourite shot, was of a reflection in a car of the big wheel which at this time of night was the main focal attraction around.

Pictures 8 and 9 I was trying to capture the same scene depicting the closeness of the couple silhouetted against the river under different lighting conditions. The green versus the red each giving a different feel to the mood of the image.

The final shot no.10, the departure is the walk back to the car park along a modernised shopping area. Here I was trying to repeat an earlier perspective exercise but using the pillars of light to create the depth.

By covering what was on the edges of the event I was trying to piece together a bigger picture of the event without being totally obvious that it was a river festival. The extra dimension of time and build up to the climax of a firework display hopefully achieved this.

Technical and visual: I have tried to use different skills such as movement, night time and use of reflections. I think these worked quite well but if I was to do the exercise again I would have concentrated much more on a particular theme to make the exercise much tighter.

Quality of outcome: I think the idea was a good one but spreading it over such a time span it lost some of its coherence in the middle.

Demonstration of Creativity: I have tried to use different techniques such as movement and the reflections. I think this worked quite well but I would like to have bought it much closer together by shooting the movement in the night.

Context: Hopefully the context worked as I have tried to bring together many of the previous exercises and techniques developed.