Exercise 5.2

Exercise 5.2

Rather than try to respond to a famous photographer I thought I would respond to the type of photograph taken by Royal photographers by taking my own perspective on it whilst attending the Queen’s birthday parade.

Original Press Photographer: Daily Mail

All the press photographs whilst being spectacular tend to have a ‘clinical’ rehearsed view about them. I wanted to try to capture a more natural shot that wasn’t at such a distance.

In response to Barrett’s view of how we interpret pictures this one clearly is interpreted by the information in the picture.

In response to the Press photograph I wanted to be within the photographic experience, not at a predetermined distance. Whilst I had been to the event before so was aware of roughly what happened I was unsure when I went just how I would achieve this.

Rather than position myself in the main Mall I noticed a narrow bridge was being used by troops returning to their barracks. So unlike the Press with their carefully rehearsed positions and a certain us and them distance I was able to get within inches, suggesting there is no barrier between us and we are there in the moment.

Just like the original shot we only see a few faces but with very different expressions and it is still clear who they are and that they are marching. I feel it helps to give a sense of ‘we were there’ not just ‘we observed’.

2016 Queen’s Birthday Parade


2017 Queen’s Birthday Parade