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Exercise 1.2

Exercise 1.2 Point

  1. Two photos with single point placed in different parts of the frame.

dsc_0711            dsc_0713

I felt that at a quick glance the photos can look very similar. The point I used was where the vegetation on the horizon met the beach huts. I think changing the position for the right hand photo worked well creating a smoother diagonal leading to a definite point.

I don’t think that the point is too obvious in either photo, but in the second one it does work better as it feels more like a distant perspective point.

  1. Take number of photos in which point is placed in relationship to frame.








I have used the vanishing point of the groyne as the point which has been placed in different positions across the frame. The final shot where the groyne is parallel to the camera doesn’t give the impression as well as the other shots that it is acting as a clear point of focus.

I believe that the other shots work quite well and the pictures still seem to be balanced. I think this could be because the images are uncluttered with a simple theme. Also the seaside for most people evokes happy memories possibly helping to prevent the viewer overthinking or questioning what you are viewing.

The first four groyne shots look very similar despite the point being in completely different areas. Just like the beach huts I think this may be down to the instant recognition and expectation that there will be a vanishing point. However, the beach huts have much more to think about such as the vegetation, the size and looking for further information. The groyne pictures relate to each other far better because each conveys a foreground with the subject disappearing into the distance.

Overall this exercise made me think about how little thought I normally give to how I frame the image and the relationship between the subject and its environment.