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Exercise 1.3 (2)

Exercise 1.3 (2) Line

Take a number of shots using lines to flatten the pictorial space.



The lines of the modern building have a direction but lack much depth. The roof decoration arrives at a centre point but flattens the image quite well.





The frames of the four images all flatten the image. Whilst the landscape beyond can be seen the lead window frame distracts the eye. I think the wider shot achieves this better because the stone wall also offers little depth.

The latter two photos I think work far better because the dark foreground contrasts with the white flat background. Both are like a reverse silhouette.



These two photos possibly achieve the brief the best because they are quite mundane and lack much detail. That said both can remind of familiar memories of sunsets and seaside so both can still offer a point of interest.


This was an interesting exercise on reflection to see the difference the two types of line can make. When looking at the perspective lines there is a definite sense that you want to look further into the picture and are trying to work out why you are going there and what you are looking for.

With the flat lines there seems to be much more contentment to sit with the picture and view it more as a whole. I feel that there is less need to question what is going on.