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Exercise 3.2

A Durational Space

Using slow shutter speeds try to record the trace of movement within the frame.



These four shots were ‘accidental’ in achieving the brief. I was trying to take a photo of the sunset and taking a few test shots. However, it resulted in the interesting movement caused not by the subject but the fact that I was moving at speed. Particularly the fourth shot offers the potential to experiment further.

Shutter speeds 1/60 f5.6.

¼ f2

I was pleased with the effect of the train moving off, particularly as they were all hand held.


½ f22

Again these shots were hand held to try and capture the movement of the person. I think they worked pretty well at capturing it. There is certainly potential to expand this further.

1/3 f25 Car

1/8 f22 Bus

Here I was attempting to pan with the vehicle but whilst using a slow shutter speed. I felt that the car worked well but the bus effect was quite boring.


½ f25, 1/10 f22

The first shot shows the landscape. I then experimented moving the camera to the side. This gave a surreal image of hills or a seascape. I thought this was a good result from the experimentation which I will be testing further.

¼ f22

Hand held with the bus passing by side on.

14 f22

Experiments moving the camera in different directions

1/25 f22

1/3 f3.5

1/10 f9

A selection of other experiments.